Thursday, May 14, 2009

Raptor Gets a Splinter…Groan

Prostate exam?!?
Prostate exam?!?
For my first movie I’m going to be reviewing Splinter (2008), an indie flick directed by Toby Wilkins. The movie is about two college students who are wrangled up by two crims on the run from the law and end up at a gas station which happens to be the local hang out for a crazy arse parasite.

So to start, lets just say I loved this film. The plot kept me involved, the actors were pretty good and overall it was kept in the realms of the believable without going too far out or into any clichés.

Now, I'm a huge monster movie fan and this monster was reminiscent of both Ridly Scotts Alien and John Carpenters The Thing, both great movies. Lets look at the Alien similarities; you didn’t see the monster much and when you did it was quick glimpses or a blurry look. This would have to be due to the movies low budget but damn it, it worked. I found myself craning to see it around corners and thinking, "what the heck is that blur over there - dear god save me now! Oh…no I’m fine". On The Thing reference, the creature was grounded in reality which can make for great monsters. It’s a parasite that after entering the blood stream begins to take over the host and distort and shape them by breaking bones and twisting flesh. It’s attracted to heat and will mindlessly go after anything it sees as alive including cars and fire. It also has a few other surprises but let leave them for you.

Bottom line, I give this move a solid 7.5. I minused 1 for lack of nudity since I always go into a horror movie hoping the main actress will get her kit off. Also another minus a .5 for not having Arnold Schwarzenegger save the day. I also believe that a bigger budget would have decreased this movie but hey, I’m game. Go the big budget crap sequel!

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