Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Berserk for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

 I have to say I am a comic book geek.  Iron Man, Kapow! The Hulk, Smash! X-Men, Boom! So when I heard that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was going to be made I was like a giggling little school girl with too much candy at her tea party. So what did I think? Does anyone care? Of course you do! It was great. For those that wanted to see Wolverine go sick on some bad guys asses (in a purely plutonic way of course) then this is the movie for you.

Ok now give me EMO! Yes! Yes! You dirty monkeys!
Ok now give me EMO! Yes! Yes! You dirty monkeys!


The Actors: Hugh Jackman is a perfect Wolverine (Logan). I couldn’t imagine anyone else barring myself in the role. I honestly believe he enjoys playing an un-killable guy with metal claws, the sick little monkey. Liev Schreiber plays Victor Creed (Sabertooth), Wolverines brother, and I’m glad he did. He brings a subtle menace to the performance and a feeling of unpredictable violence. Good choice I say.  William Stryker is played by Danny Huston, who I loved as the head vampire in 30 Days of Night. In here he is ruthless and manipulative just like you’d expect him to be. Now some misgivings on casting, Ryan Reynolds, What the fuck! He was in it for like 10 mins. His dry witty sense of humour was great but in the end I wanted to see more. To bad. Also Dominic Monaghan from Lord of the Rings fame as Bolt was one of the guys which I was hoping would make it a little longer. Oh SPOLER ALERT! Bah too late. We also get some guest appearances from other mutants such as Cyclops (Scott Summers) as a kid and Charles Xavier which tie in this to the X-Men Trilogy quite nicely.  Oh and finally Gambit played adequately by Taylor Kitsch was a bit of left field fun.

"Where's my rubber ducky!"
Where's my rubber ducky!

The pace of Wolverine is pretty good. It did let up a little during the middle where we had Logan living the happy life for a little while, awwwe isn’t that nice, just before the inevitable screwing over and we get to see Wolverine go schytzo again. Yay, my moneys worth. At the beginning of the movie we delve into Wolverines past and his relationship with his brother Creed. While both are angry old men, Creed revels in the violence and doesn’t deny his base nature that eventually ends in them parting ways. The end fight scenes are awesome with Wolverine, Creed and Weapon X all at it and had me cheering for more schnikitta schnik action.

So was Wolverine the best movie I had ever seen, ever? No, but it was a lot of fun, with a few misgivings here and there that I could easily overlook. So for my rating I give X-Men Origins: Wolverine a solid Comic Geek 8/10.

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