Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Night of the Demons

I'm going to kick this off with two movies: one that is occasionally called a classic by those who don't get out much, and another that will probably become a bit of a people who don't get out much. Let's start with the older one - Night of the Demons.

To give you an indication of how much I enjoyed this movie let's just say I watched it in two parts (partly because of how much I liked it and partly because my 18 month old woke up).

Summing up in three words I would describe the movie as 'really, really boring'. Another three words that accurately reflect the movie are 'piece of shit'. I expected gore, demons and nudity; what I saw was a bunch of teenagers wandering aimlessly for 90 minutes spouting generic dialogue, intercut with demons standing still baring their teeth. One would expect a certain amount of demonic showboating, but these guys always stood still for the exact amount of time required that the protagonist could get the screaming over with and hightail it out of there. Every now and then a mediocre death was thrown in. Some nudity happened also. That's my review.

Night of the Demons is a solid 1/10 for being made, 4 bonus points for breasts and some flange, minus 2 for boring the shit out of me.

3/10 - Crap 80s horror with few redeeming features


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