Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Just a quick one. I was really disappointed by this half arsed mess of a werewolf movie. After all the hype, all the time I spent (2 minutes) borrowing a copy and the hundred odd minutes sitting down to watch it, I can safely say this movie is underwhelming.

While it's true there's gore, soldiers, monsters and a woman; Dog Soldiers is never convincing. We have acting at Friends level (shouting fills in for emoting), non-existent scares and a mixed bag of characters. Two of the characters are memorable in that I can actually remember them at all. There's the short guy who has an epic fight with a werewolf and the older guy who dies. The key character's main traits appear to be his odd shaped face and scraggy hair, because those are the only things I remember.

Kevin McKidd - I act like I wear a
Kevin McKidd - I act like I wear a
Redeeming features? Some cool scenes, Doctor Who's son (Sean Pertwee) and an ending where someone survived.

Do you like my nails? WELL, DO YOU!?
You got sauce on your suit/rug. Better get that in to soak.
Not the best werewolf movie going around after all. Boo


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