Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jack Brooks Slays Raptor

Jack Brooks is a plumber. Jack Brooks has girlfriend problems. Jack brooks has anger management issues. Jacks Brooks kills monsters.

Does this remind anyone of National Lampoon's Vacation?
Does this remind anyone of National Lampoon's Vacation?
Let’s just say I love monster movies. Monster movies make me giggle like a school girl hanging upside down from some monkey bars showing her frilly panties for the boys. This was one of those fun, popcorn in your mouth monster movies. Kudos to the director and part writer Jon Knautz in keeping this a fun romp in the monster park. Have I used “monster” enough in this post enough? Never!

Let’s talk about Jack Brooks, played by Trevor Matthews to a T. When I say he has anger management issues, he has anger management issues even with his anger management. This all stems from seeing his family killed by some troll creature in the forest at a young age. This of course and the fact that he is a plumber means that he is fully equipped to deal with all kinds of nasties in and out of a toilet bowel. Trevor Matthews has made this character quite memorable in the vain of Ash of Evil Dead or Jack Burton of Big Trouble in Little China. I’m looking forward to a lot more of his roles in the future.

The next important cast member is Robert Englund, yes that’s right, Mother Fucking Freddy Yo. He plays Jack Brooks night class professor who happens to come across an ancient and evil heart in his back yard, as you do. After eating said heart he under goes quite the amusing transformation into, lets just say, a Ewwww. Yeah let’s say he transforms into an Ewwww. Mayhem ensues and the scene is set for Jack to save the day and get the girl….SPOILER: He gets the girl. Duuuh.

He gets the the girl, Ashley Bryant
He gets the the girl, Ashley Bryant
 Now the SFX in Jack Brooks were al practical, which I don’t have a problem with here, and considering the low budget, done pretty well although at times a few extra dollars might have helped here and there.

Anyway, in the end I really enjoyed this one and recommend it to any monster aficionado. I give it a solid 8/10 and bring in Jack Brooks 2: Revenge of the Blockage.

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