Friday, June 19, 2009

Raptor Gets Saved

This is a little post viewing of Terminator 4: Salvation but I’m lazy, so sue me. So let’s beggin, does it have the deepest plot ever? No. Does it make you reflect on your life and change it for the better? Not really. Does it throw crazy SFX, action and thrills at you? Bloody hell yes. T4 Salvation was directed by McG who I’d never really heard of and from the looks of his page hasn’t really done anything that’s interested me before hand…till now. Firstly I have to say that going into this movie I was expecting an action movie and it meet those expectations. Was it comparable to T1 and T2 and yes even T3. Absolutely and it delivered on exactly what was required, humans fighting robots and cyborgs on a grander scale with an “enemy within” story line. McG has done a great job at delivering a pop corn munching rata tat tat action that pretty much doesn’t let up.

Gavor has a man crush for Christian Bale. It's true he does.
Gavor has a man crush for Christian Bale. It's true he does. (Ed: No I don't)

Christian Bale as John Connor is great as usual, although he did lay the old gruff manly voice on a little thick. How many packs a day dude? His roles are always believable and I can’t fault him here. Sam Worthington is Marcus Wright who, in all reality, is playing the Arnie Terminator role but with emotions. Besides a few missteps with his accent he played quite the sympathetic anti hero and he kicked ass too which gives him a two thumbs up and whack across the head with a black rubber device. These two characters’ story lines crash together in the middle of this movie in mistrust and hatred but you know they will make it in the end by taking our the main Skynet facility together. Awww that’s nice. The other concurrent story line involves finding and saving a young and Idealistic Kyle Reese from T1, played by Anton Yelchin. Save Reese Save the world. Oh there is also Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Kate Conner, she doesn’t show up or do much and Moon Bloodgood as Marcuse’s romantic interest Blair Williams the super hot fighter jet pilot..super hot. Got it? Good.

Moon Bloodgood in T4 wearing her pilot costume
Moon Bloodgood in T4 wearing her pilot costume
The SFX were awesome. Giant robots Gatherers. Tick. Hunter killer motorbikes. Tick. T-600 and T800. Tick….WAIT! What the fuck did you say? T-800s? But that’s Arnie. He’s the governor of some meaningless state some where in a small backwater country called America. He can’t be in it. Yeah and nah. He isn’t in it but his image is in it and a pretty good job they did of it too mainly due to the Terminators not needing to show much emotion it wasn’t too much a CGI development stretch her but I did giggle excitedly when he appeared though. Shut up! Or I’ll kill you all!...ok calm now.

That's not a giant robot! That's my mother!
That's not a giant robot! That's my mother!
So let’s sum up. A great action movie with super SFX and serviceable plot that isn’t Shakespeare, which I give 8/10. Mostly due to the giant robot. Man it was big….Don’t look at me!!

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