Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raptor reaches Godspeed

Charlie Sheppard (Joseph Mckelheer) is a faith healer, praise the Lord! He once had the Mojo and of late he has been trying to find it again but the Faith healing Mojo is gone. Then to make matters really suck his family is murdered by two hooded guys while he is out humping some woman. Praise the Lord!

Let us make colour on this picture like garish butterflies and wallah! Le craptacular poster.

This obviously messes him up big time. Fast forward six months or so and he’s living a hermits life and being visited by the local sheriff who’s still looking for leads on the killings. Charlie has lost his faith now and hates God and is editing out everything he disagrees with in a bible which is most of it. Then comes in Sarah Roberts (a very cute Courtney Halverson) who asks for Charlies help and leads him back to her family farm. This is where he meets her fanatical brother Luke Roberts(Cory Knauf) and his family friend Tim. Aside from working on a blossoming cult were involved in the death of Charlies family. So the settings is right for a bonfire of kaboom.

Godspeed is set in the Alaska twilight and movie has that slow burn build. You know by the end of it the shits going to hit the fan but your just not sure who is going to survive or not. Joseph Mckelheer plays Charlie as bitter man who wants to forget the past unfortunately for him the past doesn’t want him to forget. Who is this past I’m talking about, well that’s Courtney Halversons’ Sarah who seems quite innocent but still manages to seduce Charlie into helping her out. Then we meet Luke, Cory Knauf has done a pretty good job of brining out the crazy in this guy although I did think it was a little over the top at times. Charlies past has had a direct affect on his view of the world and Charlie is oblivious to it. The one character who I though was surplus in this was the Sheriff. It seemed the only reason he was there was to end up being killed in the end and having accomplished nothing. Woops spoiler, meh it was a suck ass character anyway.

Courtney Halverson - She's so cuuute

There is violence in this and it is visceral due to the realism the permeates the movie. The two scenes I’m talking about are the stabbing of Charlies wife and a guy(wont say who) getting his beaten in with a rock.  Probably not the worst you’ll ever see but they do stand out. The setting is quite stunning at times and haunting at others with the Alaska wilds and the low light giving the some of the scenes a washed out gray.

I did like Godspeed. It wasn’t really about faith at all but about loss, revenge and the seemingly irrelevant situation that may causes it. I give this movie a 7/10. Note: needed more boobage.

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