Friday, April 23, 2010

Raptor gets Ass Kicked

Well it’s been a few weeks since my last stellar post. I’ve been sick alright! You’re all so needy. Anyway now that I have recovered to some degree I’d like to tell you about the movie Kick Ass.

I think I farted in my suit

It start with the premise of why aren’t there more Superheroes in the world? Obviously anyone crazy guy could put on a cape and go do good. So based on this our inept hero Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) puts on a wet suit, grabs some fighting sticks and Kick Ass goes and gets himself stabbed and run over…on his first day out. After some surgery that involved a lot of reinforcing his broken bones and left him partially numb to pain he tries again managing to fight off some thugs who are beating up on a guy. This gets captured on film and suddenly Kick Ass is a celebrity. In the mean time his mundane persona is befriended by the cute Katie (Lyndsy Fonesca) who feels sorry for him for being beat up because he is gay. Wait what? It’s ok he rolls with this in the hopes of getting some tail later on.

Hit Girl: One Scary little kid.

Meanwhile two real super heroes and in the middle of taking down crime boss Frank D’amico (Mark Strong from Stardust). Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) have been planning this since D’Amico framed Big Daddy in his cops days, sent him to prison and caused the death of his wife. Unfortunately D’Amico assumes that it’s Kick Ass who is taking out his men. This forces a team up between Big Daddy, Hit Girl and Kick Ass. Enter Frank D’Amicos son Chris (Played by the funny Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who plans to lure Kick Ass out into a trap masquerading as superhero Red Mist. From there everything goes crazy.

This movie grabbed my attention from the get go and the humour remains steady from the beginning to end. Now the violence. There is a tone of it and a lot of it coming from the psycho 11 year old Hit Girl. Man she is one scary little girl. The action is all grounded in reality, think of Batman style super heroes or maybe Punisher. No super powers as such but just 1337 skillz yo. Nicholas cage also goes off in one particular scene taking out a slew of bad guys which makes me almost forget the bad taste of Ghost Rider. Overall all the acting across the board is good and the script is tight with few dull moments at all.

Hotty in the making, Lyndsy Fonesca

The funny thing is that Kick Ass isn’t really the main Hero. He is the main character yes but as far as heroing is concerned he is really a Hero in training. So the movie is really a begging story such as Kick Ass Begins. It also means that Kick Ass is kind of relegated a lot to side kick. See what I did there. I also think there is going to be a few more chapters to this story too.

I give Kick ass an 8.5/10 for ass kicking super hero fun.

My kind of Superhero, the sexy kind.

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