Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raptor Solves a Mystery

Welcome back all. Yes I know it’s been a while and I will make no excuses other than it was all Gavors fault for moving back into my state. Pfff.

So have you ever heard of a movies that looks like it will be good and someone then tells you it was good then when you get there and watch it it’s all “OMFG! That was the best movie ever!” Well probably not the best movie ever but it was pretty good.

I'm not sure what your doing behind me Watson, but I'd prefer you put the stick down.

What the hell am I talking about? Could I stop waffling and get on with it? Fine! It was Sherlock Holmes. Why was it so good? Well allow me to elaborate.

Before anything and everything Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law who play Sherlock and Watson respectively. They were the perfect casting for this movie. The buddy humor and banter between these two waked off sharper than a nerd with a full set of sharpened pencils in his pocket holder. I mean I was just waiting for Laws next droll quip or Robert Downey’s outrageous lines defending his eccentric actions. Drug testing on his dog anyone? With these two and a strong character based script with it’s carefully crafted dialogue the pieces were there and I was on the roller coaster and loving every minute of it.

Also along with these two was a good bad guy, Mark Strong who I last watched in Stardust plays Lord Blackwood a sinister wood be king of the world via so called sorceress arts and believe me he is quite evil in this. The two love interests were played by Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly and while both gave adequate performances I have to say Downey and Law man.

I wonder if they are worried about sun burn? 

Now the best part of any Sherlock Holmes film is the who and how done its! This film will have you guessing to the end on how the magical murders where performed and other little tricks. You also get Holmes giving you some interesting fighting tips in slow motion CSI style as precursor to his execution of them which were great to watch. Of course everything gets explained in the end as all good detective movies should and also with a glimpse at the next villain as well. Yes there will be a next movie, I am more than 100% certain of that.

The cinematography was beautiful and setting of 1800s London was very authentic down to the clothes at least to my unprofessional eye. Surprisingly this was directed by Guy Ritchie of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch fame. Looking back you can see his style splattered across Sherlock Holmes from the editing to the action money shots.

Now any down sides? I have no idea; I was too busy enjoying the ride. This is one of the best buddy/action/comedy/mystery films to come out in a long time. I give this was a serious 8.5/10.

I wish there were scenes like this in Sherlock Holmes

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